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dr-laurie-kuslansky-jury-consultant-a2l-consulting-1Presenter: Dr. Laurie R. Kuslansky, expert jury consultant and (former) Managing Director, Jury Consulting, A2L Consulting.

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Laurie Kuslansky reveals mock jury secrets mined from more than 400 mock trials and 1,000 litigation engagementsDr. Kuslansky describes how mock jurors make decisions about liability and damages. She addresses how mock jurors tend to apportion justice, how they calculate damages, how they react to contracts and how mock trial deliberations compare to real-life trial deliberations.


  1. How to best position a jury to discuss damages
  2. How mock jurors handle verdict forms and instructions
  3. How mock jurors split up blame among multiple parties
  4. How mock jurors use graphics, what juries forget and much more.


    Here are the details of the free webinar:

    • What: 12 Things Every Mock Juror Ever Has Said
    • When: Watch anytime
    • How long: 60 minutes + 15 minute Q&A
    • Where: Online, once registered you will be directed to the webinar
    • How much: Free
    • Why: Understand how fact-finders make decisions and you can win more cases.
    • Who: Led by veteran jury consultant, Dr. Laurie R. Kuslansky, A2L Consulting's (former) Managing Director of Jury Consulting.


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