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ryan-flax-a2l-litigation-consultants-david-schwartz-science-ted-dunkelberger-webinarDescriptionIn this one-hour and fifteen minute webinar, Dr. David Schwartz shares how sophisticated litigation teams use both testifying and consulting experts to stay on message. Litigator turned litigation consultant Ryan Flax shares what he's learned about explaining complicated subject matter while trying complex cases for a dozen years helping to amass more than $1 billion in jury verdicts and now helping hundreds of top litigators as a litigation consultant at A2L. Ted Dunkelberger describes how to pick the best experts and how to make sure they are ready for trial based on his experience in hundreds of litigation engagements. 


  1. The science behind explaining complex subjects
  2. Finding and prepping the right expert
  3. Organizing a scientific advisory team
  4. Incorporating storytelling and other presentation tools to make experts and litigators highly effective when explaining complex subject matter

Here are the details of the free webinar:

  • What: Explaining Science and Complex Subjects at Trial
  • When: Watch right now.
  • How long: 75 minutes +  10 minute Q&A
  • Where: Fill out the form and watch.
  • How much: Free
  • Why: There is a science to explaining science and complex subject matter through experts. We'll tell you what works.
  • Who: Led by veteran scientific legal consultant, Dr. David Schwartz, Head of Scientific Support to Counsel, Innovative Science Solutions, Ted Dunkelberger, Expert Recruitment and Strategy at Innovative Science Solutions and veteran litigator Ryan H. Flax, Esq., A2L Consulting's (former) Managing Director of Litigation Consulting.
  • How: Fill out the form on the right to register

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