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Don't let Persuadius (formerly A2L) work for the wrong team!

Let us know what projects might be coming up, and we can manage conflicts.

Persuadius (formerly A2L Consulting) has been an industry leader since 1995, with personnel nationwide ready to serve your litigation consulting needs in these key service areas:

  • Litigation graphics presentation consultants (A2L was voted best nationally)
  • On-site in-court trial technicians (A2L wrote the book on this topic)
  • Mock trial, witness prep, and other jury consulting services (A2L was voted best by LegalTimes readers)

Entering information into this form does not guarantee a conflict does not already exist and does not begin a contractual arrangement of any kind. However, we will keep this information confidential, and we will give you feedback if there is a conflict.

If you would rather call our firm, please do so at any time: 800.847.9330


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I would be happy to serve as your point of contact for questions about jury consulting, mock trials, litigation graphics, in-court trial support technicians, visual advocacy and other litigation consulting services:

michele-hargrove-A2L-ConsultingMichele Hargrove
Director, Client Development

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