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Using Science to Prevail in Your Case or Controversy - A Litigator's and Lit Support Pro's Guidebook - Free E-Book

Using Science to Prevail in Your Next Case or Controversy — A Free E-Book for Litigators and Litigation Support Professionals

This unique science-focused book is co-written by the litigation-focused scientists and experts at Innovative Science Solutions and Persuadius' industry leading litigation consultants. It is an unprecedented guide for those who manage science issues inside and outside the courtroom.

Download Now - Completely Free

In our first book about the science issues faced by litigators, consultants and policymakers, we also offer an industry first - a book co-authored by scientific consultants who have been serving the legal community for the past 25 years and the best jury consultants and litigation graphics as voted by the readers of LegalTimes and the National Law Journal.

Download the free e-book and enjoy:

  • 167 pages of valuable tips and advice
  • 47 science-focused articles never before compiled
  • Topics discussed include presenting scientific issues to juries, establishing causation, epidemiology & litigation, tips for expert witness testimony and much more.