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best trial graphics firm best jury consultants best ip litigation consultantsWe believe that by sharing our ideas, experiences and techniques, the entire industry gets better. Tens of thousands of people have downloaded our litigation e-books and we release a new one every couple of months.

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Persuadius (formerly A2L Consulting) is a leading national litigation consulting company providing the following litigation support services: litigation graphics, mock trials, jury research, e-briefs and onsite courtroom technology support. A2L was founded in 1995 by attorneys and litigators to help enhance the trial presentations of the world's best litigators.

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The Complex Civil Litigation Trial Guidedescribe the image 

Using Science to Prevail In The Courtroom
using science to win at trial


 A2L Consulting's Jury Consulting Guidejury consultants best top dc nyc florida chicago 

Using Litigation Graphics to Persuade

 a2l consulting litigation graphics trial graphics persuasion ebook

The Social Media Guide for Litigators & Lit Supportsocial media guide litigation


 A2L Consulting's Antitrust Litigation Toolkit

a2l antitrust litigation trial presentation trial prep ebook 1 

Patent Litigation Trial Presentation Toolkit

patent litigation trial presentation toolkit 

Environmental Litigation Trial Presentation Toolkit

environmental litigation toolkit 

 A2L Consulting's LItigation Support Toolkit

A2L Litigation Support 

Leadership Lessons for the Busines of Litigation

leadership lessons litigation management 

10 Reasons to Prep Your Trial Presentation Early

A2L 10 Reasons Prep Trial Graphics Early 

The Top 20 Articles of All Time!
(No Form!) 

top 20 litigation consulting articles a2l consulting trial consultants


 Litigator-Juror Communication Study

 A2L Communication Study

Secrets of Litigation Timelines Revealed

litigation timeline guide 

Trial Technician Hiring Guidebook

Trial Technician and Hot Seat Consultant Engagement Guide


Designing a Great Visual Presentation

 describe the image

Making Great Speeches

how to design and deliver great speech great presentation 

Getting Value in the New Normal

inhouse counsel getting value new normal legal economy ebook