ACCESS - A2L's Secure Online E-Room for Remote Work Sharing

A2L Consulting Provides Collaborative Legal Graphics Management Tool for Top Litigation Teams

WASHINGTON, DC — A2L Consulting, a national leader in the legal graphics and courtroom presentation industries, announces the launch of ACCESS, the A2L Client Collaboration and External Sharing System. ACCESS enhances the service provided to trial teams by creating an online litigator-friendly collaborative workspace with highly interactive features. Specific benefits for a trial team include:

**A Centralized workspace means thousands of documents, legal graphics, exhibits, video depositions, PowerPoint® presentations and more can be uploaded for shared use and any documents can be quickly downloaded or viewed natively online.

**Control last minute changes and make quick edits to legal graphics and trial presentations.

**Collaborate with the entire team by leaving comments and having discussions.

**View exhibit drafts, revisions and comments/feedback on any mobile device.

**Enjoy unmatched security with 256-bit AES SSL encryption.

**FREE - A2L Consulting offers ACCESS free of charge to our clients. By combining ACCESS with its industry-pioneering fixed fee pricing model for both litigation graphics and trial consultant/hot seat operators, A2L Consulting clients are receiving the maximum value at the very best price.

 Legal Graphics and ACCESS
We are happy to provide ACCESS at no additional cost to our clients as this is just one more way Animators at Law is increasing service for our demanding national clientèle," notes Founder and CEO Kenneth J. Lopez. "For cases with multiple large law firms involved, multiple offices or active in-house trial participation, ACCESS is the perfect tool."

Theresa Villanueva, a Senior Legal Graphics Consultant at A2L noted, "I've consulted on hundreds of trials, and I have never seen a tool that works as well as ACCESS. The ability to interface with our on-site trial technicians in real-time, sometimes even during a live trial, is especially exciting."

Animators at Law has already used ACCESS on more than a dozen national engagements. Trial teams from top law firms have quickly adopted the tool and put it to use. In the last few months, hundreds of gigabytes of data have been exchanged between the legal graphics team at Animators, in-house counsel, on-site hot-seat operators, litigation support staff and trial teams.

About A2L Consulting
Founded in 1995, attorney owned and operated A2L Consulting provides litigation consulting, litigation graphics & litigation technology to major law firms and corporate legal departments worldwide. To date, A2L Consulting has worked with more than 90% of the largest U.S. law firms and consulted on cases with more than $2 trillion cumulatively at stake. The firm is well known for its high-profile work in the tobacco, motor vehicle, pharmaceutical and energy industries. Statistically, half of A2L Consulting's engagements are patent-related and most of those are tried in the Eastern District of Texas.


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