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Litigation Animation Services and Admissibility

At A2L Consulting, we believe that a well-crafted visual presentation will change the decision-making behavior of judges and juries. Over three decades, our firm, founded as Animators at Law, has been the go-to expert nationally for courtroom animation and litigation graphics.

A2L Consulting's number one recommendation when it comes to using legal animation in the courtroom is to be certain that your animation firm has considerable courtroom experience. Failing to adhere to this guideline may very well help arm your opposition with grounds for challenging admissibility. Fortunately, A2L's years of experience since 1995 creating legal animation and litigation graphics for all major law firms on more than 10,000 cases helps to inoculate your trial team against such evidentiary challenges.


Since 1995, attorney owned and operated A2L Consulting has offered a wide range of animation services, from basic 2D to high-end 3D animation. Our team will work through the night to generate the animated sequence that best educates and persuades your judge or jury. We will design animations to run on your trial software, or run independently as your needs dictate.

To guard against evidentiary attacks, A2L uses ultra-accurate workstations and experienced animators to create powerful 2D and 3D litigation animations for the courtroom, the boardroom, television, the web and other applications. All video and audio editing is performed digitally and in-house. 

Courtroom Animation and the Power of Experience

A2L's vast legal experience and cutting edge artistic talent enables us to produce computer animations that illustrate complex information in an interesting and understandable way. Since 1995, we have created animations to illustrate points about nearly every area of law, including environmental, aviation, commercial litigation, antitrust, pharmaceutical, product liability, accident reconstruction, construction law, and intellectual property. Whether you choose to use our animations as settlement tools or demonstrative aids, A2L is the leading producer of high quality animation for use in the courtroom and beyond.

As you investigate the use of legal animation for your next trial please remember that since our founding in 1995, A2L has produced hundreds of animations for the courtroom and none has ever been excluded.


A2L Consulting and Superior Customer Service

Setting A2L apart from its competitors is the fact that A2L is attorney-owned and operated. As a result, the team at A2L can immediately grasp even the most complex legal issues, and can offer a higher level of insight into the development of effective trial exhibits and litigation animation. This critical distinction also serves to save the client money by allowing the client to focus solely on their case, rather than having to waste valuable time explaining basic legal concepts. This advantage is particularly important in the context of litigation because of the rigid deadlines and intense time pressure which litigators often face.

A2L is dedicated to the highest form of customer service. Since 1995 A2L has been working on some of the largest trials worldwide, and despite often facing incredibly tight time frames, A2L has never missed a single deadline.

Please see examples of our legal and courtroom animation work here.

  • "We made the right decision when we hired you. You are absolutely the best."

    Holland & Knight
  • "I am very happy with the quality of A2L's work and happy with the graphics. One of the best jury consultants I have worked with."

    Gibson Dunn & Crutcher
  • "If you are in need of highly qualified, creative, diligent and personable providers of trial graphics, I recommend A2L. They were wonderfully helpful and supportive of our team and demonstrated, repeatedly, real skill in creating graphic and demonstrative exhibits that captured the essence of our presentation. Just as important, they did this under extreme time and quality pressure and, always, with a smile."

    Foley & Lardner
  • "Your team did a very nice job on the simulation in the engine case and I will certainly keep and your team in mind for future litigation support needs."   

  • "You guys were great, I’ll definitely use you again."

    Fidelity National Law Group