Small Projects Encouraged! A few exhibits, a hearing, graphics for a brief etc.

graphics brief hearing

What if I only need a handful of exhibits printed or have a small hearing or trial?

Every month, A2L Consulting works on a number of major national trials, however, proportionally, A2L Consulting works on far more "smaller" legal matters typically involving a single summary judgment motion, preliminary injunction hearing, arbitration or small trial.

Because A2L Consulting bills on an hourly basis or fixed fee basis, A2L Consulting is able to scale its services to fit a particular client's needs. Therefore, as a result of A2L Consulting's flexible and highly personalized service, a small project does not need to cost a lot.

It costs nothing but a few minutes to talk with us about a potential project.  We are not in the business of selling people services they do not need, so it is a low risk proposition.  There is a good reason that we have supported litigators from every major law firm on more than 10,000 cases since 1995.

For us, each project, big or small, is about building trust in our well-established firm.