Demonstrative Evidence Consultants

Demonstrative evidence consultants

A2L Consulting has provided demonstrative evidence consulting services since 1995.  We believe that a properly designed presentation will change the decision-making behavior of a jury.  We have had the pleasure of working with litigators from all major law firms who share this belief.

Quoting David Deehl in his writing for the ABA's Trial Techniques Committee: 

What is demonstrative evidence? “Demonstrative evidence is the
generic label applied to exhibits that share the common characteristic of
visualizing for the fact finder data that have been, or can be, admitted in
evidence.” Comment to section 15., Civil Trial Practice Standards,
American Bar Association, Feb. 1998, Saltzburg, Martin and Capra, Federal
Rules of Evidence Manual, 8th Ed., Appendix C. What is the admissibility
of demonstrative evidence? Section 15 explains the need to afford each
party with review of demonstrative evidence and the opportunity to object
before it is shown to the jury. See also, Federal Judicial Center, Manual for
Complex Litigation 3d section 22.21 (1995), and Rule 26 of the Federal
Rules of Civil Procedure for pretrial disclosure of all non-impreachment 
exhibits, including demonstrative evidence. It is preferable to present 
unwieldy evidence in the form of Charts, diagrams or other demonstrative evidence.

Our demonstrative evidence team is one of three at A2L.  The other teams are jury consultanting and trial technology consultanting.  The demonstrative evidence consulting team is led by an attorney/litigation consultant.

Our process of working with a trial team to design an effective trial presentation is highly collaborative and customized.  For some clients, we take a well thought out idea and improve on it.  For others, we start with hundreds of documents and help prepare an opening statement with demonstrative evidence incorporated.

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