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A leading provider of trial exhibits and courtroom presentations, A2L Consulting is a full-service litigation services firm based in Alexandria Virginia just blocks away from both the state and federal courts.  We maintain a full staff of attorneys, graphic artists and trial technicians in our home office and service anywhere in the country. We routinely support trial teams at the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) federal courthouse.

While A2L Consulting provides many litigation-related services, we specialize in superior trial exhibits and effective courtroom presentations.  There are several categories of these services that are available to Alexandria and nationwide litigators.  

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On the courtroom presentation side, our attorney litigation consultants and graphic designers work side-by-side to produce compelling Power Point presentations, static boards, and animation.  Our consultants will discuss your litigation needs to help you determine whether animations are appropriate for your case, and whether 2d or 3d animations would be more effective.  When suitable for your trial, A2L Consulting can also develop a physical model to help explain difficult medical technology or show how a patented device works.

Since our litigation consultants are also attorneys, they can help litigators in developing ideas for courtroom presentations through case theme consultation and effectiveness of jury arguments.  In addition, the consultants can work directly with your expert witnesses to develop accompanying litigation graphics.  This ensures the accuracy of your presentation and also helps familiarize the expert with the presentation prior to trial. 

A2L Consulting also has experienced trial technicians, or hot-seat operators based out of our Alexandria office.  Our trial technicians will keep your exhibits in a database to be presented at trial.  They can work with your litigation team before trial to rehearse which exhibits will be needed to back up legal arguments, as well as pull up your exhibits on the spot during your trial and highlight or call-out text as needed.  Since our trial technicians are also graphic artists, they can make any necessary changes to your courtroom presentations as trial progresses.

In addition to A2L Consulting maintaining its principal office in Alexandria, our firm is also knowledgeable of the courtrooms and judges in the area.  We can advise litigators on courtroom layout, recommend equipment and even give some additional information on experiences in dealing with the particular technology likes and dislikes of judges.  

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