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Learn How to Get Value in The New Normal Legal Economy

Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.
By: Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.

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getting value new normal legal economy ebookby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

We are very proud to announce a new ebook entitled Getting Value in the New Normal Legal Economy: A Guide for Pricing and Hiring Jury Consultants, Litigation Graphics Consultants and Trial Technology Consultants.

We believe that this is an extremely timely topic. Ever since the recession began in late 2008, there has been considerable talk about the “new normal” in the legal economy. First coined as the recession took effect, the term “new normal” represents a permanent shift in market power that mirrors what is happening in the economy as a whole. In the “new normal,” corporations and their in-house legal staffs exert downward pricing pressure on law firms and vendors for a number of reasons, including the new emphasis on cost-cutting and efficiency, the transparency of law firms’ pricing and service offerings due to the ubiquity of the Internet, and the end of law firms’ ability to convince clients that they and not the clients had all the answers.

I don’t believe that all the talk about the “new normal” is just talk. I believe that things really have changed on a permanent basis. And this change applies to litigation support services, including jury trial consulting, litigation graphics consulting, and trial technology consulting, as much as it applies to legal services.

At A2L, we are regularly hearing from litigators about the new challenges they are facing. Many are having a tough time adjusting. But this is one of those instances in which adjusting to reality is not only necessary; it will also prove to be good business.

We think that the “new normal” is going to turn out to be a boon for us and for our clients. We believe in predictability in litigation -- both in outcomes and in prices for services. I hope that this book helps you understand our belief system and leaves you with some valuable lessons for the work that you do.

Among the topics addressed in this new 62-page ebook are: “12 Alternative Fee Arrangements We Use and You Could Too,” “7 Ways to Prepare Trial Graphics Early and Manage Your Budget,” “17 Tips for Great Preferred Vendor Programs,” “9 Trial Graphics and Trial Technology Budget-Friendly Tips,” “21 Secrets for Using Litigation Consultants on a Tight Budget,” and “13 Revolutionary Changes in Jury Consulting and Trial Consulting.”

We would love your feedback on this book. We hope that you enjoy it and learn from it. You may download it for free by clicking here.

getting value new normal legal economy inhouse counsel lit support

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