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Please Think Before Sharing That Persuasive Graphic This Election Season

Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.
By: Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.

Litigation Graphics, Advocacy Graphics, Visual Persuasion, Infographics, Cognitive Bias, Visual Storytelling

In the midst of the chaotic election season, we find ourselves bombarded with a barrage of carefully crafted visuals designed to manipulate our thoughts and influence our political leanings. These persuasive graphics, created both domestically and internationally, have a singular purpose: to sway us towards a particular bias, be it left or right. They flood our social media feeds, tempting us to join in the frenzy and share them without a second thought. However, as discerning Americans, it is our duty to pause and reflect before mindlessly contributing to the spread of misinformation.

To illustrate the power of manipulation that lies within these persuasive graphics, let me present you with two contrasting examples that I quickly assembled in just 10 minutes. While these creations may lack the finesse and effort that comes with more time, they serve as a stark reminder of how easily we can be deceived when we fail to scrutinize closely. These visuals revolve around the breaking news of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Trudeau's separation, demonstrating the potential for distortion and misrepresentation. It is important to note that I invested zero effort into these creations, yet they still hold the power to influence.



Now, imagine the immense potential that skilled propagandists possess when given ample time and a subject matter that captivates a majority, if not half, of America. This is precisely what China and Russia are counting on. Their goal is to sow division within our nation, ultimately destabilizing it from within.

It is up to us, as responsible citizens, to remain vigilant against these insidious tactics. Before we click that share button, we must take a moment to ponder whether what we are about to share is a genuine news story or simply a deceiving persuasive graphic. In an era dominated by advanced artificial intelligence, distinguishing between the two has become increasingly challenging.


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