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courtroom graphics trial presentation

A courtroom graphic trial presentation designed well can change the decision making behavior of those who see it.  Indeed, jurors studied in a three year study looking at how litigators and jurors communicate differently were found to be two-thirds visual learners.  That is, they prefer to learn visually.  That's why a courtroom graphic trial presentation is so very important.

When a skeptical audience must be persuaded, a courtroom graphic trial presentation can both teach and persaude.  With the right presentation, the audience subconsciously must confront what we all know: seeing is believing.

The term "courtroom graphics trial presentation" has many meetings.  Specifically, it can mean.

  • Courtroom graphics trial presentation may mean only documentary evidence presented visually; or
  • Courtroom graphics trial presentation can mean PowerPoint presentations; or
  • Courtroom graphics trial presentation can mean computer animation; or
  • Courtroom graphics trial presentation can mean printed trial boards; or
  • Courtroom graphics trial presentation can mean any combination of the above.
Rest assured, A2L Consulting is expert in all of the above definitions of courtroom graphics trial presentation.

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We have used courtroom graphics for trial presentations in cases of almost every type.  About half of our work involves patent litigation.  The remaining half is split between antitrust, environmental, white collar, securities and other litigation.
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