Key Differences and Comparisons Between Litigation Graphics Firms

key a2l consulting differences

How does A2L Consulting differentiate itself from its competition?

One important factor which immediately sets A2L Consulting apart from its competitors is the fact that A2L Consulting is attorney-owned and operated. As a result, the team at A2L Consulting can immediately grasp even the most complex legal issues and can offer a higher level of insight into the development of effective trial exhibits. This critical distinction also serves to save the client money by allowing the client to focus solely on their case, rather than having to waste valuable time explaining basic legal concepts. This advantage is particularly important in the context of litigation because of the rigid deadlines and intense time pressure which litigators often face.

A2L Consulting is dedicated to the highest form of customer service. A2L Consulting takes great pride in its ability to work as hard as, and to keep pace with, any trial team. Since 1995 A2L Consulting has been working on some of the largest trials worldwide, and despite often facing incredibly tight time frames, A2L Consulting has never missed a single deadline.


Furthermore, in addition to A2L Consulting's unique legal experience and commitment to customer service, it is the superior quality of A2L Consulting's creative team which helps position A2L Consulting as the clear leader in the industry. A2L Consulting's artists are formally trained professionals whose expertise covers a wide range of artistic disciplines. Because of the high caliber of its artists, A2L Consulting is able to offer its clients a customized service that is unparalleled in the industry. For example, unlike others in the industry, A2L Consulting never uses clip art, choosing instead to create custom-made illustrations for all its exhibits. Additionally, all of the artists at A2L Consulting have been educated in the art of Information Design under Professor Tufte of Yale University. This educational experience gives our artists the unique ability to creatively take complex information and turn it into interesting, persuasive trial graphics.

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