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Some practitioners question the need to hire a litigation support services firm owned and operated by attorneys. After working on more than 10,000 cases since 1995, we know that A2L Consulting makeup allows us to better understand the needs of the attorneys and know how to communicate in the litigators’ language.  This means that practitioners spend more time discussing strategy and case themes and less time explaining legal issues to the A2L litigation consultants.


In order to ensure the complete confidence of the trial teams we work with, A2L Consulting provides litigation support services throughout all stages of litigation.  Our litigation consultants are equipped to assist attorneys pre-trial in developing case themes and creating judge-specific legal arguments.  Also in the patent law context, we can help attorneys construct effective Markman tutorials and write and edit tutorial scripts.  The attorneys at A2L Consulting also study the litigation documents for each particular case so that there is a thorough understanding of all factual and legal issues to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your chose litigation support service.

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If your case makes it through summary judgment, we can help with litigation strategy and crafting legal arguments during trial according to the current judge and jury profiles.  Our consultants can also assist attorneys post-trial with any wrap-up issues or appeal discussions.  We offer an extensive list of litigation support services to tailor to each individual client’s needs.


Because so many of our clients are located nationally and the cases take place nationally as well, A2L Consulting can provide either on-site or remote litigation support services.  It is important for the trial team before and during trial to feel comfortable with the way the case is progressing, so at the client’s request our litigation consultants will come to your office or the location of your trial to provide in-person services.  If in-person meetings are unnecessary, we can have telephonic or web meetings to suit your particular requests. 


A2L Consulting has many litigation consultants on staff to meet your litigation support services requirements. From construction defect cases to antitrust cases to patent infringement cases, we have handled many complicated legal issues and cases of first impression to gain the requisite experience to take on even the most complex issues.  


About A2L Litigation Support Services

A2L Consulting offers litigation consulting services to law firms and corporations worldwide. The firm's services include jury consulting, the consultative design of litigation graphics and deployment of pre-trial technology, courtroom electronics and the personnel to support that technology. A2L headquarters is in Washington, DC and it has personnel or a presence in New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The firm's work routinely takes it to those cities plus Boston, Newark, New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, Virginia, Maryland, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and London, England. Since 1995, A2L Consulting has worked with litigators from 100% of top law firms on more than 10,000 cases with trillions of dollars cumulatively at stake.