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5 Advanced Trial Lawyer Lessons

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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This month A2L Consulting celebrated its 24th anniversary! I'm proud to say that we are at the top of the jury consulting, litigation graphics, litigation consulting, and trial technology industry in most national polls. In honor of all those top trial lawyers who rely on us every day, I want to add value to your practice today with the unique content of this article..

These five mini-series-style articles are some of the best of our 600+ trial-focused articles, and there is just nothing else like them available anywhere. Each takes a deep dive into a specific trial-focused topic.

Winning Before Trial focuses on actions one can take pre-trial to eliminate the need for a trial entirely. Throughout this series the importance of preparation is emphasized. In 24 years, there is no greater predictor of success at trial than the level of preparation for trial LONG in advance of trial.

The article on persuasion during opening brings together some of our most important material. As an organization, we believe most cases are won or lost during the opening statement. This article is written with winning your opening in mind. The storytelling article builds on this concept as does the article focused on being a great expert witness.

Finally, the article about the Reptile Trial Strategy is one of my favorites. This complex topic is tackled from the defense lawyer perspective. Without an understanding of this plaintiffs lawyer strategy, a defense lawyer experiencing a reptile attack for the first time will be overwhelmed by the strategy before they realize it's happening.


Top 5 A2L Mini-Series-Style Litigation Articles

1. 5 Ways to Maximize Persuasion During Opening Statements (4 Parts)

2. Repelling the Reptile Trial Strategy as Defense Counsel (5 Parts)

3. 10 Ways to Maximize Persuasive Courtroom Storytelling (5 Parts)

4. How to Be a Great Expert Witness (3 Parts)

5. Winning BEFORE Trial (5 Parts)

I hope you find a ton of value above. Most trial lawyers and litigation professionals do. Please let me know if you might have a trial on the horizon. We have a team of top former trial lawyers, top jury consultants, top hot-seaters, and top litigation graphics artists ready to support your team.

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