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Trial Exhibits: Using the Document Call-Out to Persuade

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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Whether a $5 million trial or litigation involving hundreds of billions of dollars, Persuadius (formerly A2L) almost always uses document call-out trial exhibits as part of its trial presentation.  They are a time-tested and effective tool for highlighting key portions of a document in evidence.  Sometimes, these call-outs are done on the fly by the Trial Director by our on-site trial technicians, and sometimes, these are created using PowerPoint.

Regardless of the tool used, care should be taken to consider the most persuasive design for the point a litigator is trying to make.  All too often, stock designs that highlight black text in electronic yellow highlighter or faux-torn paper tear-outs are used to emphasize key text.  Sometimes, these approaches are adequate.  Other times, you are missing out on a key opportunity to persuade.

Persuadius (formerly A2L) was hired by The U.S. Department of Justice to produce a group of trial exhibits to defend against injury claims in a rescue helicopter landing.  One key case theme required us to emphasize that it was the duty of the hospital to stop traffic rather than anyone on the helicopter or at air traffic control.  We arranged the key call-out language inside a stop sign shape to make this point.  When combined with emphasis by the litigator, I believe the message of "STOP" was unforgettable.

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