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Introducing a New Litigation Consulting Service: the Micro-Mock™

Ryan Flax
By: Ryan Flax

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Ryan H. Flax
(Former) Managing Director, Litigation Consulting
A2L Consulting

How important is it to you to give your clients and their cases the very best service?

How important is it to you to be and become the best litigator possible?

How important it is to you to save litigation costs while bringing maximum value to your cases?

As an experienced litigator and litigation consultant, I already know your answers to these questions. For the best litigators, answering these questions is easy. We all want to win, make our clients happy with and proud of us, and minimize unnecessary costs while doing it. The challenge for most of us is that we have to make competing choices as we prepare for trial.

As much as we would like to schedule a mock trial for each case, because we learn so much from them and the case is always better for it, money and time budgets often prevent it. Yet, one of the things we often hear from trial teams after mock trials, or even after working with our litigation consulting team on themes or graphics preparation, is how valuable the process was and how much they appreciated getting an earlier start on developing trial strategy than they otherwise would have. Working out the complexities of a case and simplifying issues sooner, rather than later, are essential to litigation best practices.

I believe that our team has the perfect antidote to the time / money / value balancing act in the launch of a unique approach to resolving these competing priorities. In utilizing our proprietary methodology, I know that overall litigation costs will be reduced, while at the same time exponentially improving litigation results.

In-house counsel should pay particular attention to this because your outside counsel is constantly balancing the potential for settlement, litigation budget, and the desire to “win.” It’s necessary, but sometimes this balancing act can come at the expense of being as prepared for trial as trial counsel would like to be (or you would like them to be).

Today, A2L Consulting introduces a special new service designed to help you better prepare your case, while not breaking the bank.

It’s called the Micro-Mock™ and only A2L offers it. The service starts at a fixed-rate of $9,500.

The Micro-Mock™ is A2L’s proprietary service that fits almost every litigation team’s budget and almost no litigation team can afford not to use. You may have used mock juries and jury consultants in the past to hone a case and prepare for trial, and there are few better ways to fully prepare for a trial than with a well-crafted mock exercise.

But the process is not inexpensive and can be time consuming – two issues often creating a barrier to the process. The Micro-Mock™ is a different service that can complement jury consulting when used or can be an alternative if your time and expense budget won’t allow for full mock jury services. For a small fraction of the cost and time of a full mock jury process, you can utilize A2L’s Micro-Mock™ to sharpen your case and your presentation skills.

A2L Consulting's Micro Mock - Trial Consulting | Litigation Consulting | Jury Consulting

I wish I could write in more detail about the Micro-Mock™ service, but because it is a revolutionary new product for the litigation consulting field, it’s something we want to share with litigation teams directly. If you are interested in learning more about the service, please let us know by following this link, clicking the Micro-Mock™ button above, or by contacting me directly.

This is a service I helped develop, because it is one I wish had been available to me when I was trying cases and is one that I know will benefit almost every litigation team. I promise it will benefit whatever cases you’re working on and will improve your advocacy abilities. I would welcome the chance to explain the service and how it will help you win.

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