A2L Produces Record Setting E-Brief for Prominent Litigation

Washington, DC, January 11, 2011 -- A2L Consulting, a leading national provider of litigation support services, announces that it has produced what it believes to be a record-setting series of e-briefs (also called electronic briefs). The firm reports that in its latest e-brief project, it created over 60,000 hyperlinks in over 4,000 pages of court briefs referencing 5,000 additional documents in under three weeks of work. A2L believes this sets a record for the most complex ebrief created in the shortest amount of time for a federal court filing.

E-briefs, or electronic briefs, are electronic versions of traditional court filings (e.g. motions, briefs, complaints, etc.) where cited documents (i.e. letters, cases, exhibits, etc.) are hyperlinked from the main filed document instead of being provided in paper form. Filed on a DVD or USB flash drive, e-briefs allow a judge and opposing counsel to review thousands of pages of information much more quickly than in paper form. Since tens or hundreds of thousands of pages are not printed and delivered, ebriefs are considered a much more environmentally sensitive approach to large litigation filings.

A2L Consulting has produced e-briefs for almost fifteen years making it one of the first firms to create an ebrief. Because of its magnitude, this latest project required large teams working 24/7 with specialized training and software to complete the task that was ordered by a federal judge in a prominent intellectual property dispute.

A2L was able to complete the project in no small part due to the use of ACCESS, the A2L Client Collaboration and External Sharing System. An online litigator-friendly collaborative workspace with highly interactive features, this tool enabled A2L Consulting and its client to send over 100 gigabytes of data back and forth across the country. Because it allows for multiple simultaneous uploads and downloads and offers AES-256 security, ACCESS eliminated the need to send thousands of files in hundreds of different emails or via an unsecured hard drive.

A2L Consultings’s CEO, Ken Lopez, added, “Completion of this record-setting ebrief project capped off a series of impressive A2L Consulting accomplishments in 2010. The launch of ACCESS has enhanced how litigation teams review draft trial exhibits and exchange documents with our on-site trial technicians. We have continued to grow and enhance our team and, as a direct result of those upgrades, we ended the year by doubling our fourth quarter year-over-year sales. We are very proud of our work on behalf of over 100 major law firms and corporations in 2010 and look forward to continued growth in 2011.”

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