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Semiconductor Patent Litigation Graphics (What is a MOSFET?)

Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.
By: Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.

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At Animators at Law, roughly 60% of our work involves patent litigation graphics.  These patent cases run the gambit from light bulbs to software to semiconductors to drug eluting stents.  Since a jury is often called upon to decide the key issues in the litigation they must understand the underlying technology.

There is no substitute for well-crafted graphics in a patent jury trial involving technology.  Our firm has been creating litigation graphics in intellectual property litigation since 1995 often utilizing our former patent litigators has graphics consultants.  While our delivery medium is often PowerPoint, the underlying graphics or animation are usually created in a more sophisticated illustration software tool.

We routinely use visual analogies as a teaching and persuasion technique.  Specifically, we use analogies that relate complex subject matter to something familiar or easily grasped by the fact-finder.  We have used stadiums to relate scale in a bench trial where the federal judge was a season ticket holder, the Statue of Liberty to convey the severity of the turbulence and an out of business service station to explain expenses involving the storage of nuclear waste.

In the patent litigation graphic below, our challenge was to explain a protection MOSFET or metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor.  In non-technical jargon, a MOSFET is a switch used to control the flow of electronic signals.  We ultimately needed the jury to achieve a much deeper understanding than this definition, however, and this meant starting with a basic understanding of how a MOSFET works.

In the movie, you can see that we have used PowerPoint animation and a plumbing analogy to lay the foundation for an understanding of a MOSFET, transistors and semiconductors.  After all, like a valve attached to your sink, a MOSFET is simply used to control flow.


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