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[New E-Book] How to Hire & Use Trial Technicians in the Courtroom

Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.
By: Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.

Trial Technicians, Trial Consultants, Trial Presentation, Courtroom Presentations, Trial Technology, Trial Director

At A2L Consulting, we believe that the difference between a good result at trial and a great result can lie in the performance of the trial technician.

Sometimes called hot seaters, trial techs, trial consultants or onsite courtroom technology specialists, these courtroom experts operate at center stage in the courtroom. Although they are indispensable to the presentation of a case, the best trial technicians are essentially invisible. They do their work so quietly and effectively that no one notices them.

The role of the trial technician is to gather and organize everything that might be used at trial -- trial exhibits, demonstrative exhibits, courtroom animations, video depositions, and everything else – and to be ready to show everything on a moment's notice.

Because trial technicians are so important, it is critical to hire the right technician for your case. With rates averaging around $200/hour, you need to get this right.

We have prepared a 35-page e-book, “The Ultimate Guide to Engaging a Hot-Seat Operator,” that will help trial teams from firms large and small find the right trial technician for their case.

The book features such important subjects as “20 Things You Must Know Before Engaging Your Next Trial Technician, Trial Consultant or Hot Seat Operator,” “The iPad Friendly Courtroom - The View of a Seasoned Trial Technician,” and “Five Tips for Using TrialDirector and Trial Technicians Effectively.”

These articles are designed to help understand what trial technicians do, what separates the good from the great, and how to pick the right one.

After all, outstanding trial technicians must be true Renaissance technology people.  Not only must they be able to authoritatively run the latest versions of trial presentation software like Sanction or Trial Director; they must be able to sort out complex issues with PowerPoint, diagnose hard drive problems, mass-rename files, handle unheard-of image formats and much more. Experience makes the difference.

Trial technicians add a huge amount of value to a trial team. A litigator, instead of focusing on the availability of documents and evidence, the proper functioning of courtroom and war-room technology, and the inevitable technological hiccups, can now focus on careful strategic trial preparation of arguments, experts and witnesses.  The right technician, deployed in the right way, can dramatically increase a litigation team’s chance for success.

The technician will stay up late with you, will work under extreme pressure, will be required to perform last-minute work, will have to flawlessly solve technical issues, and, if they are great, will learn to anticipate your needs in the courtroom.

Hire the right trial technician and your trial will feel like a well-choreographed play.  Hire the wrong one, and you might spend a great deal of the trial feeling anxious that something will go wrong. Our book will help you figure out the difference.

Free E-Book - Click to Download Guide to Engaging Trial Technicians


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