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[Free E-Book Download] Trial Consulting Guidebook for Litigators

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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by Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

We at A2L Consulting have just published a new, completely free, e-book that will be interesting to trial lawyers of all experience levels and in fact to anyone who is interested in trial consulting, how it has evolved over the years, and what the best practices are today.

The use of jury consultants in high-stakes litigation is increasing, and their sophistication is increasing as well. In fact, the term “jury consultant” is rapidly being displaced by the term “litigation consultant” to reflect the fact that these people do far more than evaluate potential jurors. As people who go to trial all the time, these specialists help trial lawyers in every aspect of the case – graphics, mock trials, jury advice, expert witness strategies, and more.

With more than 40 articles, this 179-page book relates to every aspect of trial consulting and litigation consulting. It focuses on storytelling, mock trials, social media, and dozens of other new trends and ideas. It is an invaluable resource for litigators – both highly experienced ones and those just entering the litigation profession.

This book is one of more than a dozen e-books that we at A2L Consulting have put out recently. They have been downloaded now by more than 20,000 people. Other e-books in the series include books on how to find the best trial technician, storytelling for litigators, using graphics in litigation, social media, and other important topics.

Many of the articles are written by our senior jury consultant, who has participated in more than 400 mock trials in her 32-year career. Many people call themselves litigation consultants these days, but we believe that our specialists are the top ones in their profession. Many of our client-facing people are litigators themselves – some of whom have won more than a billion dollars in jury verdicts. This e-book reflects their collective wisdom.

Among the topics in the e-book are “12 Tips for Meaningful Mock Trials,” “10 Things Every Mock Jury Ever Has Said,” “Mock Trial Testing of Litigation Graphics and Arguments,” “Who Is, and Who Isn’t, a Litigation Consultant?,” “6 Good Reasons to Conduct a Mock Trial,” “Introducing Mock Markman Hearings for Patent Litigation,” “The 12 Worst PowerPoint Mistakes That Litigators Make,” “7 Ways for Expert Witnesses to Give Better Testimony,” “20 Great Courtroom Story-Telling Articles From Trial Experts,” “10 Trial Presentation Tips You Can Learn From Hollywood,” and “14 Places That Your Colleagues Are Using Persuasive Graphics That Maybe You’re Not.”

Download Jury Consulting & Trial Consulting for Litigators E-Book by Clicking Here

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