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Top 10 Articles About Trial Tech and Hot-Seaters

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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In recent months we have published lists of A2L Consulting's top articles related to various trial-focused topics. These articles include our very best insider tips plus 30 years of observed best practices pertaining to opening statements, mock trials, litigation graphics, and trial preparation generally.

One additional topic that deserves special attention is the use of trial technology and how best to use a trial technician or hot-seater. As experienced trial professionals know (or even long-time readers of this publication), if you fail to use the right trial technology set-up or trial technician/hot-seater, you can inadvertently damage your credibility.

In most cases, the benefits of using trial technology far outweigh any (easily mitigated) risks of doing so. Done well, the use of trial technology will create a deeper connection with the factfinder(s), it will speed up a trial, and you will be perceived as more credible and thus more persuasive.

Below are 10 of our top articles focused on how to engage the right trial technician for you and how to work with that hot-seater to maximize persuasion at trial:

  1. 12 Tips to Hire the Right Trial Technician for Your Trial
  2. 11 Traits of Great Courtroom Trial Technicians
  3. E-Book: How To Find and Use Trial Technicians and Trial Technology
  4. Making Good Use of Trial Director & Demonstratives in an Arbitration
  5. 12 Ways to Avoid a Trial Technology Superbowl-style Courtroom Blackout
  6. Why Rapport Between a Trial Lawyer and a Trial Technician is So Important
  7. What a Great “Hot Seat Operator” Can Add to a Trial Team
  8. 5 Tips for Displaying Documents Well at Trial [CVN Video]
  9. Why Trial Tech ≠ Litigation Graphics
  10. What Does Using a Trial Technician or Hot-Seater Cost?New Call-to-action


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