Trial Graphics and Jury Consulting Prices and Billing Approaches

trial graphics jury consulting pricing

How does A2L charge for its litigation services?

The services which A2L Consulting offers to attorneys can be broken down into three general areas: creation of trial graphics, trial technology services, and jury research. All services can be purchased at an hourly rate or a fixed price. We offer an extensive array of alternative fee arrangments that are quite popular with our clients as well.

Because of A2L Consulting's considerable experience and superior talent, it is no surprise that A2L Consulting is widely regarded as the "Rolls Royce" of the industry. However, despite its exceptional service, A2L Consulting succeeds in charging industry standard rates. In short, it is this unique combination of vast legal experience and superior artistry which allows A2L Consulting to offer its clients a commitment to quality and service that is consistently a cut above its competitors.

With regard to its Trial Presentation Technology Services, A2L Consulting offers the rental of this equipment on either a per-day, per-week or per-month basis, depending upon the specific needs of the client. Furthermore, if an in-court operator is needed, A2L Consulting is happy to provide one.

No Risk - No Charge Case Consultation

With regard to jury research, generally fees are charged on a 1/2 day basis and can vary significantly depending upon factors such as: venue, size of the jury pool, the number of mock trials required, and the type of research facility and technology to be utilized.

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