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NEW & FREE 271-Page Opening Statements Toolkit E-Book

Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.
By: Kenneth J. Lopez, J.D.

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I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the release of Persuadius's latest free litigation e-book, The Opening Statement Toolkit v2. Version 1 (2015) was our most popular ebook of all time, with many litigators telling me, "This is essential reading."

You may now download this new book without strings attached by clicking here.
In this 271-page book, you will find 80 articles curated from Persuadius's massive collection of posts related to litigation and persuasion. Each article relates to opening statements in some way. From organizing the opening to the use of storytelling techniques to persuade, the book contains an amazing array of tips that will prove valuable to the novice litigator and the veteran alike.

At Persuadius, we firmly believe that the opening statement is the most important part of a trial. If you win the battle of opening statements, you stand a pretty good chance of winning the case. This is true since most jurors make up their minds during opening statements -- or they at least develop a view of the case through which they will perceive all of the subsequently presented evidence. 
At Persuadius, we frequently have the opportunity to help trial teams develop their opening statements. Perhaps more importantly, we also have a chance to help test what works in opening statements. There are often surprises, and good science is still emerging about what works.
The book includes valuable articles such as 21 Secrets From an Opening Statement Guru, How to Structure Your Next Speech, Opening Statement, or Presentation, Five Essential Elements of Storytelling and Persuasion, Six Reasons the Opening Statement is the Most Important Part of a Case, and How to Emotionally Move Your Audience.
It is easy to download the book and have it at your fingertips—it’s free. Your opening statements will never be the same.

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