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As a trial lawyer or someone working close to one, you may already be familiar with trial technicians and hotseaters. These professionals provide essential technical support during trials, ensuring everything runs smoothly. They usually sit adjacent to counsel's table and run your trial presentation, including the displays of exhibits and demonstrative evidence. However, you may not know that trial technicians and hotseaters possess a host of hidden skills that go beyond their technical capabilities. Here are some of the hidden skills of trial technicians and hot seaters that you never knew about: 1. They Dress Appropriately If you are in court, you should dress like you are in court. To me, a lifelong Virginia/DC resident, this means white, blue, or cream shirts, a dark suit, and a conservative tie. Black shirts, light-colored suits, and loosely knotted or holiday-themed ties are a no-go at Persuadius. But each trial team has its own style. It is essential to blend in with your trial team. Good trial techs and hotseaters know this intuitively. They want to avoid making a fashion statement in a courtroom or standing out. They want to blend into the background. 2. Some Trial Technicians Are Designers, But It's Rare A rare breed of trial technicians or hot-seaters can also create (sophisticated) demonstrative evidence, usually in PowerPoint. These multifaceted individuals typically start as designers and become trial technicians/hot seaters. This is a beneficial talent. They typically cost more per hour because of these individuals' rarity. Still, they allow the trial team to create exhibits mid-trial instead of simply showing documents and doing live callouts.

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